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Christmas Hampers!

Christmas Hampers!


Here at Limoncello we haven’t failed to notice ‘that’ time of year has crept upon us again.  No sooner have the first leaves of Autumn touched the ground then it seems time to bring out the Christmas decorations.  Which means it’s also time to think about what to get that one person who is always so difficult to buy for, luckily we’ve got a few ideas for you.  One gift that always works well is the Christmas Hamper due to it being so personal and thougthful.  Here at Limoncello the hampers come in three sizes and can be gift wrapped with cellophane and ribbon for an elegant touch.  You can decide exactly what goes in it or, if you only have an idea of what Uncle M. or Grandma may like, ask us to make one up for you... booze is usually fairly popular!


Those looking for a real decadent treat – and if you can’t be decadent at Christmas when can you? – may want to try something from our truffle selection.  That said if the one you’re purchasing a hamper for has a sweet tooth we have an array of chocolates, biscotti, nougat and our ever popular panettone. 


These incredible Italian Christmas cakes are available in many guises.  Chocolate, fruit, infused with Limoncello (we particularly like this one...obviously!) or Vin Santo which translates as holy wine.  Any one of our panettone would make a great hamper centre piece and, we believe, are among the most succulent and flavoursome Italian cakes you’ll find in Cambridge.


No one’s saying you can’t run around a chain store for Christmas presents or sit at home on your laptop clicking which gifts to buy for people on a website.  But wouldn’t it be nicer to relax in a locally owned independent shop. Drinking a freshly brewed coffee, safe in the knowledge that this year the gift you give will truly be appreciated.

We know which one we’d prefer you do!


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