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La Dolce Vita Gin

La Dolce Vita Gin

Here at Limoncello we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of Italian products.  Yet we are of course based in the UK, making for an interesting cultural fusion which can be tough to pull off.  Especially over the summer during a certain football match.  But one group of products we offer which perfectly showcases this fusion is our range of Malfy gins


Italian Gin?

At first glance the idea of an Italian gin is practically a contradiction in terms.  After all, gin is as much of an English institution as Afternoon Tea.  An Italian version of that would be so different as to be totally unrecognizable.  Though probably also very tasty.

But gin is different.  Sure, the fundamental nature of the spirit we call London Dry Gin is a British creation.  A floral, un-aged, clear and dry spirit flavoured primarily with juniper, plus many secondary botanical elements.  But that concept matured decades ago.  Since then many, many distilleries have put their own spin on that concept by playing around with the secondary botanical elements to create some fascinating new products.

A task which is far easier for gin than for other spirits.  A new premium quality gin can be taken from a concept roughly jotted on a bar napkin to market in as little as 18 months.  To do the same with a top class whiskey, by comparison, may take 15 years!


Malfy Gin

Malfy Gin is said to be inspired by the lifestyle of the Amalfi coast – La Dolce Vita.  Though it is produced in a modern stainless steel still at the Torino Distillati near Turin.  The region itself is steeped in centuries old traditions of spirit, wine and liqueur production.  Though Malfy gin itself is a comparatively new product, introduced to the UK only in 2016.  As such it is a blend of tradition and modernity.  An Italian take on an English concept.  Just like Limoncello.

At Limoncello we offer the full range of Malfy gins: classic; con Limone (lemon); Rosa (pink grapefruit); and con Arancia (blood orange).

The classic is a good solid London Dry Gin, on the floral side with slightly piney and herbaceous notes complementing the juniper.  It makes for an excellent Gin & Tonic garnished with rosemary.

The lemon gin boasts peel from both Amalfi and Sicilian lemons in it’s mix of botanicals, giving it a full and zest lemony flavour.  Almost like a cross between gin and limoncello (the liqueur), and makes an excellent Tom Collins.

Meanwhile the Rosa, flavoured with Sicilian pink grapefruit, walks the tricky path of tasting of both juniper and grapefruit without one overwhelming the other or resulting in a chemical tang.  Along with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice it makes for an exquisite Grapefruit Collins.

And finally the bold an uncompromising blood orange makes an awesome base for an interesting Negroni.

Drop into Limoncello sometime to give any or all of them a try.


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