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Our Renovations

Our Renovations

As our regulars are well aware, we have been busy over the last year updating, renovating, repurposing and restyling. We have taken the opportunity to do some really cool stuff that without the time and breathing room covid has given us may have taken much longer to come to fruition.


Our proudest and most obvious change has been the addition of The Sunset Garden. With the new very fancy (and very expensive) gazebo now set up we are ready to accommodate all our covid friendly activities and events and we have some exciting things planned for this space - live music, performances and more so watch this space.


The font of the house has also seen a reshuffle without a new counter signed and built by master carpenter (Oliver Hascouhasquoet, which now houses our bespoke coffee machine with all the bells and whistles - the envy of any true coffee aficionado. 


As for the more subtle changes we have updated our kitchen as we set our sights on more ambitious cuisine to tantalise  our diners taste buds.


And last but not least the humble loo, that has served faithfully for more than 2 decades and put up with a lot of... abuse has received a well deserved make-over. 


As for the future who knows, we have great aspirations and look forward to you coming along with us on the journey.


Credit: Theo Turvill


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