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The Power Of The Sun

The Power Of The Sun

Here at Limoncello we enjoy being outrageous in a truly Italian manner.  Making bold and ridiculous claims and flirting with everything that moves.  And some things that don’t.  So we’re proud to announce that we have harnessed the ultimate power in this world – the Sun itself!

Or, more prosaically, we’ve installed some solar panels.  Since we are located in Cambridge we also need a little wry British understatement from time to time.


Solar Power

It’s no exaggeration to call the sun the ultimate source of power.  After all, it is a truly ancient and incomprehensibly vast nuclear fusion explosion.  The sheer scale of energy in produces makes all those nukes we worry might one day destroy the world look like firecrackers.  The only reason it seems so benign and life-giving to us is because it’s a very very long way away.

But in truth everything does ultimately come from the sun.  The plant kingdom is defined by its ability to directly use sunlight via Photosynthesis.  A process that both produces the Oxygen we need to breathe and the biomass animals can then feed upon.  Even the energy stored in fossil fuels like oil or coal ultimately came from the sun – a few million years ago.

And what else ultimately comes from the sun?

Tomatoes.  Olives.  Basil.  In fact so much of what makes Italian cooking so special are plants which grow best in the sunny Mediterranean climate.  That, and an easy going attitude that developed because who wants to rush when it’s so hot outside?  So in a way Italian culture and cuisine has always been solar powered.  So by tapping into that power, we at Limoncello already feel closer to our Italian roots.


Close to Nature

Yet we also have the stereotypical British urge to simply install some solar panels, keep a stiff upper lip, and carry on.  And certainly make no fuss.  We’re not entirely sure that we can pull off this international bipolar personality trick but…we’ll try.

However, it is very British to deeply enjoy the sunshine.  And in a very different way from how Italians do.  Down in Italy the sun is hot and ever present.  Not taken for granted, but definitely reliable.  In England we take advantage of all the sunshine we can as we never know when we’ll see the sun again.  It’s telling that while the word umbrella is originally English, the word parasol is not.  Para Sol, from the Spanish.  Because in England the idea of actively avoiding what little sunshine we get is practically heresy.

At Limoncello we try to merge these two attitudes.  Yes, by optimistically installing solar panels in the hope for Italian weather. And because we feel that decreasing our carbon footprint is an inherently good thing.  But also by creating our sunset terrace.  A relaxed outdoor space that can take full advantage of Italian weather yet not be spoiled by British weather.  A truly cosmopolitan environment.



Credit: Thomas Farley


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