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A Brief History of Baci


Baci, the iconic sweet confectionery - smartly wrapped in its blue starred silver foil is the star of the show around Christmas time and has been a staple at Limoncello since day one. Our waiters love passing our overflowing basket of Baci as they return to the kitchen, deftly pinching one as they whisk by. Theyve got so good at it they can even peel the foil off with one hand before quickly stuffing the wrapping into their pockets and the Baci in their gobs.


We love Baci and seeing as Christmas season is in full swing we thought wed give you a little insight into the fairy tale origins-story of this festive treat.


Baci was the brainchild of Luisa Spagnoli, a young and aspiring chocolatier, back in 1922. It’s said that Lusia and her lover used to pass love notes to eat other wrapped around the chocolate - hence the note found inside every Baci - although many a Baci lover out there may not have realised this detail; instead opting to rip of the wrapping and shove said Baci down their throats - before screwing up the wrapping (along with the lovingly written note) and tossing it unceremoniously in the bin. 


Baci was an instant success, selling over one-hundred million of the little guys within five years of Lusias initial invention.


So now you know a little more about these silvery bites - 


And now for your viewing pleasure we present to you, the world's biggest baci…



Credit: Theo Turvill


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