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Limoncello's Panettone Raffle

Limoncello's Panettone Raffle


The word panettone translated into english means "large cake" - and when it comes to our panettone, raffle the winner will be the proud owner a particular fine example.


The Maximus”, made by panettone aficionados, Fiasconaro, weighs in at a hefty 5 kg. Considering that by usual metrics, a large panettone comes in around the 750 gram mark, this really is a monster by anyone's standards.


If you want to be the talk of the town and have the chance to stagger away this ludicrously large panettone all you need do is follow the instructions on this post. The lucky winner will be announced at our little soiree  were holding for the opening of ‘The Sunset Garden’ which you can find out more about here - <https://limoncello.co.uk> - Good Luck! 


Credit: Theo Turvill


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