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Friendliest Delicatessen in Cambridge

Friendliest Delicatessen in Cambridge

One of the things we at Limoncello love most is engaging with our loyal customers.  Taking the time to build up relationships so that we really are greeting everyone as an old friend.  But let’s face it, this sort of engagement is far easier to do with our restaurant customers who may spend a lazy couple of hours with us at a time.  Rather than our deli customers who may be in and out with their purchases within 10 minutes.  So we’ve decided that it’s high time to spread around some red hot deli love!


Delicatessen Favourites

As a boutique Italian delicatessen we naturally enough stock a wide variety of traditional Italian delicacies.  Come try our much loved selection of pesto.  Marvel at our outrageous array of fresh and dried pasta.  Stand in awe of our cheese counter, featuring everything from the off-the-wall La Tur to the ever popular 3 year old Parmigiano Reggiano.

But if we have a speciality within a speciality it is our effusive love of truffles.  Limoncello is the place to find truffles in Cambridge.  Not only do with always try to maintain a good supply of fresh truffles (depending upon the season).  But we also stock an almost bewildering array of truffle infused or flavoured products.  From truffle gin to truffle honey and everything in between.

Due to popular demand we are also introducing a new product to the deli.  So many people love coming in to enjoy a cup of our specially sourced coffee, but then have left disappointed without a bag of beans to call their own.  No longer!  Now you can get a cup of Limoncello brand coffee to go – Italian style.  In bean form.  Though if you ask nicely we can always grind some for you too.  However, we cannot guarantee that it will taste the same brewed at home, without the input of love and skill from our baristas…


Christmas Shopping

Now let’s discuss the elephant in the room.  Christmas is coming and that means that there will be lots of shopping to be done. Some for the various Christmas related parties and feasts of the season; and some as gifts for friends and relatives.  Either way, the deli at Limoncello has what you need.

Perhaps you’re looking for a gift which is both high quality and something your relatives haven’t tried before.  The deli is full of great ideas and products which fit this bill perfectly.  Or maybe you’d like to give them the chance to choose themselves.  In which case a bespoke Gift Voucher tailored to your and their needs might be an ideal present.

Alternatively, how about injecting a little Italian vitality into your Christmas this year?  Among our traditional Italian Christmas delicacies, Panettone stands out as a true classic.  And we have a thousand of them, just in case…


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