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Italian Tradition for St Valentines Day

Italian Tradition for St Valentines Day

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So Valentine’s Day rolls around again and while not everyone choses to celebrate, Italians it seems, always have.  Baci chocolates have been exchanged between lovers since 1922 and the word literally translate as ‘kisses’ (this stuff writes itself!) These hazelnut spattered treats in milk, dark or white chocolate always include a message of love or friendship inside the wrapper.  In accordance with our wonderfully multicultural society, the sweet sentiments are written in English, French, Spanish and of course Italian and are words from the likes of Walt Whitman and Federico Garcia Lorca (a totally famous Spanish poet in the early 1900’s). Perfect for your Valentine.

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That said, who determined that Valentine’s Day had to be about romantic love?  And if they did so what!  These days many of us have friendships that last longer than their relationships.  The people in your life that stood by you during breakups and breakdowns, laughed with you through the night and stayed with you in the early hours of the morning.  If they don’t deserve some thanks, or better still a celebratory glass of Limoncello or Prosecco, then no one does!

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So we say you get to honour whichever kind of love that you like this February 14th.  Be it parental, sibling, friendship or romance, any excuse to show those you care that you care is worth, at the least the price of a box of chocolates eh?

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Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Limoncello.


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