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October Food, new to Limoncello

October Food, new to Limoncello

Truffles all

Once summer has gone and the colder months stretch out before us we all need a bit of a pick me up and October is that time of year when a treat becomes a necessity, which is where Limoncello can help you out.

When it comes to food, a true delicacy has to be truffles. Usually hunted out by pigs and mixed breed dogs in Italy they have been called the ‘diamond of the kitchen’. Whether you’re trying them for the first time, as a way to impress at a dinner party or are a firm favourite with your family (lucky them!), we have an array of ways you can sample the ultimate indulgence.

Kitchen connoisseurs may want to splash out on white truffles and slice them into risottos or pastas, simple yet sumptuous.  Black truffles have an earthier aroma, my research suggests these are better when cooked (as opposed to the white ones) and used in full-bodied dishes with stronger flavours. 

Truffles white black

If the idea of going the whole hog (pardon the pun) is too much for your palate, you could try truffle oil added to your meals as a more affordable way to get a little luxury into supper time.  White truffle honey can be drizzled over cheeses or freshly prepared breads - you can get some lovely ones here! - if you wanted a themed dessert. 

Fig And Assorted2

A good fig is a real find.  While it can be difficult to transport ripe figs undamaged from their home country, these ones that have been baked in their own leaves are soft and fruity.  Perfect for the Autumn season.  There’s an inordinate amount of recipes, both sweet and savoury for figs but really all you need is a little good quality ice cream and a drizzle of honey, delicious.  These and many more Italian treats are ready for you to sample and purchase at Limoncello.  Come on in, the door is open!

What’s your favourite truffle or fig recipe? 


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